Overview of SEGA One health network

Why a priority?

Zika, Ebola, Chikungunya…The islands of the Indian Ocean are all very vulnerable to the risk of epidemics. Their increasing trade exchange, the fast urbanisation and the fréquency of natural disasters contribute to the diffusion of infectious agents.

To respond to these health challenges, the best approach is regional.
It is the choice of the Indian Ocean Commission  (IOC), which step up cooperation between the health services of its five States members (Madagascar, Maurice, France (Réunion), Seychelles, Union of the Comoros) and implement a regional diseases surveillance network named SEGA One Health, with the financial support of the Agence Française de Développement (AFD).

What is its added-value?

- Networks of health surveillance in both public health and animal health are now fully operationnal and integrated since 2013 according to the concept One health promoted by several UN agencies.

- Pooling of regional ressources for better fighting the outbreaks (systematic health information sharing, imporved data analysis, pooled laboratory diagnosis, harmonization of strategies)

- A singular collaboration between Ministries, civil society, laboratories, health professionals, research institutes, regional international organizations  (WHO, OIE).

- A multidisciplinary working groups involving key players, epidemiologists, biologists, vector control managers, veterinaries.

The SEGA network charter

Political commitment of the Member States

It calls for the legal recognition of the network through an official charter. This charter presents the object and the governance bodies of the network as well as its modus operandi. The charter was signed by the Foreign Ministers of the 5 Member States of IOC, the Union of the Comoros, Madagascar, Maurice, France (Réunion), Seychelles on March 1st, 2017...find out more

Download the charter

Download the rules of procedures

The network organization

"One Health" approach

An effective disease surveillance implies a strong cooperation between public health authorities, veterinary services and environmental authorities, as prmoted by the One Health initiative.

Involvement of all regional partners

The regional diseases surveillance network, brings together more than 250 professionals in public and animal health (epidemiologists, veterinaries, virologists, microbiologists). It relies on strong regional partnerships: Institute Pasteur of Madagascar, the World Health Organization (WHO), the animal World Health Organization (OIE), Center of international cooperation in agronomic research for development (CIRAD), Health Agency in Reunion Island (ARS-OI), CIRE ocean Indien (Sante Publique France Agency)…

SEGA One health network organization

Key figures


A network organization with the regional centres of excellence and international organizations

25 field epidemiologists traind by 2017

A mobile laboratory in partnership with the Pasteur Institute of Madagascar

A molecular biology laboratory in Seychelles

Health surveillance departments equiped (IT equipement, internet connections, vehicles, telecommunication kits) with field teams better prepared and trained

An external quality assurance program for the 5 molecular biology laboratories of the Region