External quality assurance

Chikungunya and Dengue viruses are a major public health concern within the Indian Ocean. Several outbreaks occurred in the past years in the Indian ocean Islands. To re-inforce arboviruses surveillance and diagostic capacity by molecular technique, an innovative regional EQA program was developed, using dried-blood blotted spots on filter paper


The purpose of this external quality assurance proficiency testing progam is to assess the proficiency of chikungunya and dengue molecular diagnosis in Indian Ocean countries. The second aim of the progam was to raise awareness on the need to have good establish diagnostic technique for CHIKV and DENV in this region where arboviruses are prevalent and cause regular high burden.

Study design

A panel of 10 samples of 2 dried-blood blotted spots on filter papers was distributed and tested for CHIKV and DENV, using molecular PCR methods.

Overall results


To our knowledge this is the first internation EQA scheme for Arbovirus diagnosis using dried-blood blotted spots on filter papers.

The EQA program provides information on each participating laboratory effycacy on CHIKV and DENV diagnosis by molecular techniques, and also raised for one laboratory a critical and urgent need to improve capacities.

Uneven performance using different protocol and equipment indicates that there is still a need for improving testing conditions and standarizing protocols.

More information

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Resistance to antibiotics

Resistance to antibiotics is the capacity of a micro-organism to resist the actions of antibiotics. It is a natural phenomenon which is boosted by an inappropriate use of antibiotics in human as well as in animal.

Programme's objectives

The monitoring of resistance to antibiotics was defined as a priority by the SEGA One health technical committee. The IOC countries, thanks to the SEGA network, have an information sharing platform, laboratories in capacity to diagnose and detect antibioresistance and regional expertise.

However in animal health, the technical reference systems for the detection of antibioresistance are not yet operational. Technical capacities still need to be implemented.

The first results are expected end of 2017.

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support to laboratories

In addition to the capacity building of the laboratories professionals by the external quality assurance and the resistance to antibiotics programmes, the SEGA Network also supports the laboratories in human and animal health of IOC member States through:

- The purchase of equipment (microscopes, safety cabinet, mobile laboratory, reagents);
- The reinforcement of the laboratories quality thanks to the installation of standardized procedures as well as an internal control of quality.